5 Best Cordless Vacuum 2021 | Reviews & Top Rated

Cordless vacuums are very preferred because of the flexibility and compact design. They are appropriate smaller living spaces and less deep carpets.

The development of technology brings many better selections. But, how to get the best cordless vacuum?

In this article, we listed the quality models in cost so that you can consider picking one.

Here are:

​#1. Technological Cordless Vacuum: Dyson V8 214730-01

The first cord-free vacuum from Dyson has powerful suction. It provides run time up to 40 minutes.

You can use the Dyson V8 to clean any position in your house because of the lightweight. You can handily move it up or down stairs when cleaning.

The produce is safe for asthma. In particular, here is:

With entire-machine HEPA filtration, it captures allergens and throws out cleaner air so that you breathe. You can wash it after each use.

Also, the ability to capture deep-down dirt makes many consumers impressive.

When you set up Max mode, the Dyson V8 will offer fade-free power up to 8 minutes. Then, it drives stiff nylon bristles into the cleaning surfaces to vacuum dirt deeply.

After the first use, you remember to charge for four hours. Keep this in mind if you want to last longer battery life.


​It is easy to change the attachments

​Good for hard flooring



​Easy to empty


​The battery life is poor

​The pistol grip is not comfortable


​#2. Say Goodbye to Hassle: Tineco A10 Master

The second cordless vacuum is the product from Tineco. With optimal runtime over 50 minutes, the A10 Master can clean your large space.

There are two LED power brushes built-in the A10 Master. As a result, your living space is always clean. Whether what type of your floor is, it can professionally treat.

With that, the 350W digital motor is advantageous.

Not only is it powerful up to 110W but the suction is very quiet. This machine entirely lifts embedded dirt with ease.

Fully-sealed filtration system with four stages will lock tiny particles. Don’t leak or expel allergens from the air. So, you can feel secure to use if your family has asthma patient.

Fortunately, a dust container is a little small; however, it is easy to empty.

After all, the Tineco A10 comes with various accessories. We truly recommend it to you.


​Very light

​Easy to grab and use

​Plenty of suction and power

​Ideal for wood floor and the carpet

​Pretty quiet


​Short battery life

​The noise level is pretty high

​#3. Good for Pet Cleaning: Bissell Air Ram

Being one of the well-known vacuum brands, Bissell ever makes customers satisfied. Typically, the Bissell Air Ram with the light and compact design is fitting any living area.

Not only that, this vacuum features a collapsible handle. A small corner is enough to store this vacuum.

It is heavier than two vacuums above though the weight is under 8 pounds. You can still carry and move it because the effect is small.

With innovative power foot construction and multi-surface brush roll delivers, the ability to clean is powerful. On the carpets or hard floors, the Air Ram vacuum removes dust and dirt quickly and effectively.

If you are cleaning the darker positions such as under the sofa or wardrobe, you can turn on LED lights. They light wide range, which helps you see debris and dirt for better cleaning.

After vacuuming the whole your living place, you can remove the slider and clean the bin later. What a convenient it is!


​Empty it is easy and quick


​Good at sucking up dog hair

​Vey maneuverable

​Long battery life



​It is pretty noise

​It does not include HEPA filter


​#4. Floor-to-Ceiling Versatility: Shark IONFlex 2X

For those who are looking for a versatile hassle-free vacuum to clean everywhere in your home, the Shark IONFlex 2X will suit.

How is this vacuum all-round?

If you need to clean the floors, carpets, and ceiling, you can set up the upright mode. With hard-to-reach positions like under sofa, the Multiflex technology offers the bending capacity.

MultiFlex technology also gives you the ability to fold for compact storing.

The bottom line:

Shark combines bristle brush and soft roller to build DouClean Technology in the IONFlex 2X. The purpose is to suck large and tiny particle on a variety of surfaces.

Instead of plugging in a vacuum to charge, you only detach the battery and then charge when and where you’d like to.

The feature to note is the cleaner head and handle. Both are little heavy, so it would be best to take care a bit when vacuuming your ceiling.


​Very easy to carry

​Simple maintenance

​It is strong and effective

​Easier to use under or around furniture



​Limited runtime

​The accessories are cheesy

​#5. Powerful Cordless Vacuum: Hoover BH50020PC

The last position belongs to the Hoover BH50020PC. It is good enough for any users, but it is weaker than other vacuums.

Also being a light, stable vacuum, the BH50020BC from Hoover enables you to clean the surfaces and furniture (under and around). With electronic brushroll, you will get a powerful suction on hard surfaces like the wood floor.

At your fingertips, you can switch the brushroll setting. When using, you switch on and vice versa.

There is the fuel gauge that tells you the power of the battery. Based on that, you can know when you should charge your vacuum.

Hoover creates a channel of suction in this vacuum, by applying WindTunnel Technology. It helps you clean debris, dust, and dirt deeply.

In sum, this is a valuable vacuum to buy.



​It can stand on its own

​Pick up pet hair well

​The canister is easy to dump



​The battery only last about 20-25 minutes

​No great suction on the carpet


Which vacuum do you choose?

With those who enjoy the technologic appliance, the vacuum from Dyson is reliable. If you have pets and want to clean their hair, you can consider the Bissell machine.

It would be best to consider your need and budget before giving a selection.

How? Have you chosen?